Hey there, I'm Ana.

This blog is all about stories. How to tell stories and how to live a life enriched by stories. I am here to help you fearlessly embrace yours, by sharing my best tips for authors and content creators with a strong focus on marketing, productivity, and creativity.

I am a bilingual author of fantasy and sci-fi stories and a proud creator of cute planners and journals for story lovers.

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The Writer Behind the Words

After spending 8 years as a lab rat trying to climb my way into a reputable tenure track position, I got a wake-up call. I had too many books in me that demanded to be written and had just realized life was too short to postpone my dreams.

I still loved science deeply. But I wanted to find a job that would allow me to dedicate some of my time to my creative endeavors. Immediately after defending my PhD thesis, I set out to find the job that would allow me to embraced the uncertainty of a writer’s life.

I now work a full-time job as a science writer and marketer, and devote all of my free time to writing fiction, creating journals & planners, and chatting and sharing my love of fantasy and science fiction books with awesome people on social media!

This blog is not only meant to inspire you to pursue your dreams to become a prolific content writer or published author, but also to give you the right tools to do so while still having tons of fun.