Gamer’s Journal

We all know serious gamers are high-achievers who love to keep track of their scores and conquests. If you’ve been looking for a

Why Diversifying Your Creativity Will Be the Best Decision You Ever Make

You may have noticed a few changes on my blog recently. Namely, the appearance of a new section called “Shop” as well as

RPG Campaign Notebook

RPG journal with alternate dot grid paper for note taking and hex graph paper for map making. Full bleed thick pages to give

Afraid of Marketing Your Work? You Shouldn’t, This Is Why

Marketing your creative work can be overwhelming. But the secret lies in approaching it the right way.

Essential TV Show Tracker and Planner

Never miss another episode and never forget how much a show meant to you with this spacious tracker, planner, and TV show journal.

Essential Blog Planner

Organization is the only thing you need to take your blog to the next level. This essential blog planner will help you in

Reading Journal for Book Lovers

Keep track of all your reads, reviews, and yearly bookish goals with this spacious reading log. Paperback sized so you can carry it

3 Mistakes I Made When I First Started Submitting Short Stories

These last couple of months have been hard. I’ve accumulated dozens of rejection letters and more heartbreaks than I care to count. But

COVID-19 taught us it’s okay to slow down

Being slow doesn't have to be bad

This is why I’m not working on my personal brand during the COVID-19 pandemic

As soon as the first day of lockdown came to an end, marketing experts invaded our social media feeds like mushrooms claiming this


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Here, I'm sharing my tips on writing, marketing, productivity, travel and social media.

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