3 Mistakes I Made When I First Started Submitting Short Stories

These last couple of months have been hard. I’ve accumulated dozens of rejection letters and more heartbreaks than I care to count. But

COVID-19 taught us it’s okay to slow down

Being slow doesn't have to be bad

This is why I’m not working on my personal brand during the COVID-19 pandemic

As soon as the first day of lockdown came to an end, marketing experts invaded our social media feeds like mushrooms claiming this

There’s Only One Real Use of Social Media for Rising Artists and Content Creators

Don’t grow an audience, grow WITH your audience instead As content creators, sometimes we all wish things would be a little bit easier.

The Strange Case of Disappearing Stories and the Rise of Internet Censorship

The amount of stories getting retracted is staggering. And as internet censorship keeps rising, new authors need to learn to navigate the new

Keeping up With Our Resolutions Depends on the Power of the Stories We Chose to Tell

This time of the year is prone to a very peculiar phenomenon: people flocking to the entrance of the gym lost in excited

My Year in Writing – Lessons from 2019 and Plans for the Future

The first time I knew I could move people with my writing was when I cold-pitched an opinion article to a big Portuguese

Why We Should Be Reading More Science Fiction in 2020 (Plus, Some Books You Won’t Want to Miss If You Love Dystopian Futures)

Back in 2018, Yuval Noah Harari appeared on Episode 325 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast from Wired. In that interview,

How to Recognize Good Feedback and Use It to Become a Better Writer

Feedback is important. In the words of my all-time favorite author, Brandon Sanderson, the people who actually grow up to be amazing authors

What to Do When Instagram Starts Killing Your Organic Reach

“Don’t forget which one of your lives is real…” My husband tells me every time he catches me scrolling mindlessly or typing furiously


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