About me

Born. 1988. Portugal.

Current location: Strasbourg, France.

Education. PhD in Microbiology from the University of Porto (Portugal). Master Degree in Journalism and Communication of Science and Technology from the University Carlos III (Madrid, Spain). BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Porto (Portugal).

Interests. Social Media. Marketing. Productivity. Personal Growth. Photography. Traveling.

Can’t live without: Books. Coffee. Smartphone. Laptop. E-reader. Notebook.

Favorite writers. Brandon Sanderson. Neil Gaiman. Dan Simmons. Laini Taylor. Leigh Bardugo. J. K. Rowling. George R. R. Martin.

Favorite genres of fiction. Fantasy. Science Fiction.

Some strange things about me:

  • Weirdest pet I ever owned: snake.
  • Dream destination: Japan & Cambodia.
  • Favorite sport: scuba diving.
  • Favorite smell: old books!