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How to Trick Your Brain so You Can Get into the Perfect Writing Mood

I’m a discovery writer.

This means I have to sit down to write before I discover what I want to say.

Most times, I’m not in the mood. And because I usually have no idea what I’m doing until I actually do it… it means I can be a very unproductive writer if I leave my schedule to chance!

Sometimes I sit down and I can write an entire article in one sitting. Moving back and forth between writing and editing without disrupting my flow.

I love those days. But I know they are rare and sweet and usually happen after I ruminate over a given topic throughout long periods of time.

Most days I just open a word file (or Scrivener if I’m writing fiction), write a few sentences, erase them, get some tea (Mmm, I will definitely get tea now…), check my Instagram, my Twitter, my Facebook, my Gmail, my Pinterest, my YouTube… check if there’s any other social media I should be using, obsess about the amount of likes and comments and retweets.

Next thing I know I’ve got 50 open tabs on my browser. And it takes me too many precious seconds to find that one fancy Medium article I was reading before I was distracted by another cute cat video.

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