It all starts with a story…

Our planners were designed with the exclusive needs of booklovers, gamers, and writers in mind.

They were designed with the utmost dedication and care to help you keep track of all your best memories, achievements, and ideas.

Discover all our different series and editions below.

Reading Diversity, a Reading Journal Collection

What makes these journals so special? They were designed to empower diversity in the literary community. Racism and discrimination have

Reading Journal for Book Lovers

Keep track of all your reads, reviews, and yearly bookish goals with this spacious reading log. Paperback sized so you

The Potions Master Notebook

🌟Add a pinch of magic to your life with this gorgeous recipe book disguised as a potion book! With space

RPG Campaign Notebook

RPG journal with alternate dot grid paper for note taking and hex graph paper for map making. Full bleed thick

Gamer’s Journal

Back to the shop Gamer’s Journal & Trophy Log Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus,

Essential Blog Planner

Organization is the only thing you need to take your blog to the next level. This essential blog planner will

Essential TV Show Tracker and Planner

Never miss another episode and never forget how much a show meant to you with this spacious tracker, planner, and

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My name is Ana, a Portuguese science writer and marketer by day and a demon-slaying goddess every time in-between. I'm also a control and organization freak and a deep believer in the resounding power of stories to fully unlock our true potential! When I'm not "adulting" or plotting my next story, you can find me glued to my laptop trying to create my next planner! My inbox is always open to your suggestions and ideas: