FAQs and Partnership Policy
What makes your planners different?

For the past decade, I’ve gained experience in managing complex scientific projects. These planners reflect the tricks I learned over the years to optimize my productivity both in a personal and professional context. I was a wet lab scientist for 8 years of my life with dozens of published articles and hundreds of citations (you can look me up on Google Scholar if you are interested!). Currently, I’m a staff writer, marketer, and social media manager at a biotech company.
You can count on my attention to detail and organization skills to provide you with unique planners to help you stay organized and productive.

I use excel or online tools like Trello for organization, why should I consider buying a physical planner?

Excel, Trello, and Notion are all fantastic organizational tools. However, the daily habit of writing your goals down on paper can have a greater psychological effect. This has been shown in countless Neuroscience studies. Physical planners have the added advantage of minimizing distractions. Without the disruptive power of social media and other online tools, you can preserve your energy by focusing on one goal at a time.

Who are your planners for?

I offer a vast range of planners devoted to the bookish community starting with the multifaceted Reading Journal collection and the complete Reading Diversity collection. I have also planners for Gamers, D&D players, Bloggers, a special recipe book (Potions, Teas, Cocktails, etc.) for fantasy lovers, TV show planners, among others.
The bookish planners represent the most important part of the current catalog because they cater to the special needs of bookstagrammers, booktubers, bookbloggers, booktokers, beta-readers, book editors, literature students, among others.

How can I use your planners?

Each planner comes with a table of contents or an instruction section to ensure you use it to its full potential. They are printed in black and white to make sure you are free to use pens of different colors harmoniously. Most planners also contain dot-grid pages (Bullet Journal style) to give you all the space you need to use stickers, tape, or simply glue photos to make this planner your own.

What’s the typical format of your planners?

Currently, all planners are sold in paperback format, perfectly bound (no spiral-bound available at the moment). Most planners are 6×9 inches to make them easier to transport. All planners have a matte finish and the interiors are black and white printed on white paper. Journals like the Literary Bujo from the collection Reading Diversity are exceptionally printed on cream paper to reduce eyestrain as users are known to spend more time looking at the pages.
Hardcover and spiral-bound might be coming soon. Follow me on social media or subscribe to my author newsletter to keep up to date with incoming releases:
Instagram: @anareis.poweredbybooks
Twitter: @poweredbybooks_
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Reading Journal Collection

How can I buy your planners?

You can buy all my planners through Amazon. I’m currently using Amazon’s service called KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to ensure the planners are only printed and shipped once they find a new home. KDP is well-known for its sustainability efforts. Through this service, we can reduce paper waste by printing books locally, avoiding international shipping, and bypassing the need to keep large stocks.
This service also ensures that this small business continues to be as environmentally friendly as possible!

Are your planners available worldwide?

My planners are available in North America (US and Canada), Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain), Japan, and, more recently, in Australia.

Can I buy these planners directly from you?

The planners are available through Amazon and I recommend you to buy directly from their website. The reason for this is that I cannot compete with Amazon’s delivery service and fees. Moreover, if you buy directly from Amazon and leave a review, you’re directly helping me grow on the platform and reach more users.
I’m open to bulk orders of 15 planners or more. If you are interested in acquiring a large number of planners, you can contact me at planners@poweredbybooks.com for a special price. Don’t forget to include the reference of the planners, quantities, and shipping location (North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia). I typically answer within 2 business days.

What is your return policy?

You can return all planners you bought through Amazon for a total refund within 30 days of purchase. For refunds and returns, please handle your request directly through the account you used to purchase the planners on Amazon. For damaged goods, you’re additionally refunded on the shipping costs.
For bulk orders made directly with me, please state the reason for item return/refund within 14 days of purchase via planners@poweredbybooks.com. I typically answer within 2 business days.

Do you offer custom designs?

I’m always receptive to custom commissions. Please contact me with details of your project, timeline, quantities, and budget at planners@poweredbybooks.com. Custom designs for bulk orders always have priority over one-time small requests.

What is your partnership policy?

If you’re a member of the bookish community, active in one or several social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok), and like my planners, you can reach out at any time via DMs or by email at planners@poweredbybooks.com.
Because of my current production model, I cannot offer a special promotional code to partners. But I can offer planners in exchange for an honest review and planners for you to giveaway to your followers (limited to 3 month-partnerships). If you are considering partnering with me, please let me know why you think we would be a good fit!

When and why did you start designing planners?

Powered by Books started as a blog about my journey to become a published author. Then the pandemic started and I finally got the extra time I needed to launch my dream shop.
I launched the shop in August 2020 and it has been growing ever since. What motivates me to create planners is the possibility to help others organize their lives around challenging goals: review books by marginalized authors, grow their blogs and social media platforms, become successful published authors, among others. I believe planning is all you need to get started and to keep your motivation in the long run, and that’s what this shop is all about!

What is the meaning behind the brand Powered by Books?

Stories inspire us and help us to take action in the most important moments of our life. That is the reason why this shop is Powered by Books!

Did I answered your question?

If not, feel free to reach out with your question at planners@poweredbybooks.com