Reading Journal for Book Lovers

Reading Journal for Book Lovers

🌟If you’re a voracious reader with a vast home library and a strong social media presence, this journal is for you. Keep track of:

➡️Yearly Goals (10 goals) – define how many books authors you want to read, review, and promote via social media or blog throughout the year.

➡️Number of pages read per day (12 months) – record the number of pages read per day throughout the year and celebrate your monthly achievements.

➡️Monthly TBR (12 months) – for ambitious and organized bookworms, we’ve included a section where you can pledge to read specific books every month.

➡️Home Library Tracker (140 books) – Keep a detailed catalog of your home library. Record how many books you’ve bought, received (partnerships or gifts), and donated/sold throughout the year!

➡️Book Review Index (150 books) – log all your reads, book type (novel, short story, collection, manga, graphic novel – all types of books count!), and rating in this section.

➡️Reading Journal (150 books) – record all the important details of your read including trigger warnings, book format (audiobook, ebook, physical book, etc.), book type, genre, age category, comments, and favorite quotes! Plus, keep track of your social media posts for each specific read (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube).

➡️Reading Challenge tracker (10 challenges) – we know how maddening it can to keep track of all the reading challenges you participate in throughout the year – so, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

➡️Bujo section (5 pages) – bookworms are creative beings! To foster your creativity, we’ve added a Bujo section to this reading journal (dot grid paper – 2 dots per inch) so you can create your own and unique section within this journal!

Product details: 115 pages; regular paperback size with 6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm) so you can carry it everywhere you go; Beautiful matte cover; Perfectly bound; Thick white pages that minimize bleed through; Perfect bookish gift for book lovers all around the world.

Bookish Witch Edition

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Dark Mandala Edition

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Reading Panda Edition

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Cat Lover Edition

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Dog Lover Edition

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