The Most Important Skills You Must Earn as a Writer

What are the most important writing skills you must master in order to become a professional writer? The professional arms himself with patience,

Write Short Stories To Build Your Writing Stamina

Do you find it hard to stay motivated during an ambitious writing project? Does the idea of writing an entire novel scares you?

Top 6 Literary Magazines for Fantasy and Science Fiction Lovers

Often, the literary market can get saturated with the same types of stories. I don’t know about you, but I tend to get

10 Tips to Deal with Anxiety in the Era of Instagram

This article is not a how-to guide on how to grow on Instagram. Here I won’t discuss strategies to get you from 0

3 Bad Writing Habits That Are Keeping You from Becoming a Better Writer

Feedback may be hard to deal with, but it is essential in so many ways. But you have to know where to look

How to Trick Your Brain so You Can Get into the Perfect Writing Mood

I’m a discovery writer. This means I have to sit down to write before I discover what I want to say. Most times,

The Perks of Writing Fiction as a Non-Native Speaker

In writing, I wrestle painfully with (this) language which I feel I do not possess but which possesses me—alas! ~ Joseph Conrad, Polish

To Write a Book Start from the Heart

Finding your theme is the most important part of the writing process Do we really need to be constantly reminded of the ugliness


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