Title Capitalization – most publications on Medium and other magazines demand that your titles are formatted in title case. For this reason I often use this little website to make title capitalization easier!

Scrivener – is software is a life-saver, this is not only a word processor, it’s a way to organize your stories into chapters, format basic e-books and keep your research and previous version of our manuscript in the same place.

Scapple – don’t like regular outlines? Neither do I. I started using mind maps to make my outline as I write and they proved to be really helpful. Since I’m a visual creature, mind maps really help me to always keep in mind the relationships between my characters and their main strengths and weaknesses.

The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller by John Truby – this is the best craft book I’ve read recently, it really helped me understand the essential structure of a novel. Truby gives you a map to develop your story organically and I found this approached resonated with my own writing process.


This is Marketing by Seth Godin – Godin’s book really helped me understand how marketing should be done in today’s society. People are tired of adverting and click-baits. Godin suggests another away to market. This book really influenced my life as a content creator, I hope it can teach you as much as it taught me!


WordPress – WordPress is the best platform to create a professional looking website. WordPress it’s free, but you do have to pay for your our hosting and domain. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. This investment will pay off in the long run, I only regret that I didn’t start earlier.

Themeforest – for professional looking templates you can browse their never-ending supply of beautiful themes. I bought my theme there, it was totally worth the small investment I made.

Unsplash – this is best website at the moment to get beautiful pictures for your website. I use them in all my posts. Maybe in time my photos will be good enough, but until then, I’ll stick to unsplash!