The Summoner's Cry

The Last Summoner series Book 1

GENRE: Adult Dark Fantasy with elements of Paranormal and Mystery (for audiences 16+)

Length: novella (27,000 words), 2-hour read

TROPES: Found Family, Enemies to Allies to Lovers, Demons, Witches, Dragons, Cottagecore Aesthetics.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Graphic violence, strong language, alcohol consumption & alcohol abuse, blood, death, and discrimination.

Edited by: Jess Lawrence

Cover design: Saint Jupiter


A powerless Summoner. A cursed Witch Lord. A clash of demons and magic.

After a failed coup against Witch Queen Lilith, rogue Witches Lau and Adam have no choice but to flee and hide. Crushed and surrounded by enemies, the pair arrives at Latis, a peculiar island brimming with strange tales of the supernatural, where they hope to find Adam’s long-lost grimoire — their only shield against Lilith’s wrath.

Rendered powerless after sealing a dragon Spirit in Adam’s flesh to save his life, Lau struggles with loneliness and resentment. Helpless and doomed to live forever in a child’s body, Adam seeks to make peace with a spell he has no strength nor skill to undo.

Once allies in an ancient war, Lau and Adam start drifting apart. But when a dangerous visitor sets foot on Latis and the grimoire is nowhere to be found, the two estranged Witches must work together if they want to save themselves and the lives of the townsfolk they’ve come to love.

Inspired by the show ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, The Summoner’s Cry is a nerve-racking dark fantasy tale rooted in modern times with razor-sharp dialogues, vibrant descriptions, and dark cottagecore aesthetics. The perfect read for fans of the reluctant hero, found-family, and enemies-to-allies-to-lovers tropes.

Praise for The Summoner’s Cry

“The Summoner’s Cry is fantastically immersive, with dark fantasy world-building done exquisitely, characters who love, fight and banter with excellent development. For anyone who loves fantasy and wants an immersive, vivid, vibrant read, this one is worth your time!” – Rebecca Crunden, author of A Touch of Death

“With magic, beautiful settings and phrasing, The Summoner’s Cry is an excellent choice for our demon loving heart that still believes in fairy tales.” – Catarina ~ catarinathebookworm

“I was blown away chapter after chapter. I loved the little gems of Portuguese culture that are dispersed here and there, and at the same time are also embedded in the story itself. The ending is mind-blowing! The end is perfection! When you think it’s over and it is already good, it becomes better. And aren’t those the best kind of books?” – Andreia Pisco, Goodreads

“The prose is so beautiful… some sentences made me dance inside.” – Rita Jesus, Goodreads

“I loved the writing! It was immersive, lyrical and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It even made me cry a little in the last few chapters!” – Rafaela ~ Dragons and Paperbacks

“I read this novella in one sitting not because it is short but because I couldn’t put it down. I was compelled by the mystery and by the characters since the first chapters.” – Cláudia Amaral, Goodreads

“The Summoner’s Cry started with a brilliant tone and a mystery that grabbed my attention. I was surprised and I loved the journey I was taken on through this book. I want more.” – Jéssica Reis, Goodreads

“I love the writing style, the dialogue ranging from fun to dramatic, the action scenes that are so vivid and easy to imagine. In a short book, the author gives us a glimpse into a bigger world, filled with ageless creatures and old conflicts. The climax is very intense, and the finale keeps us asking for more.” – Esmeralda, Goodreads

“It is so captivating! At certain point I found myself so lost in this world in a way that only happens when I’m completely and utterly focused on what I’m reading. I created so much empathy for these characters! And that is the exact reason why this book broke me. It stressed me out so much (In the way only good books do). It is a really weird book. Just the way we like it” – Beatriz Cristina, Goodreads

“I’m glad I judged this book by its cover because the artist managed to capture the essence of this story, the warmth, the characters, the fantasy.” – André Pereira, Goodreads

“Lots of action in this short story with amazing characters, horrific battles, unending love and joyous rebirth…all in a tale that mixes ancient hate with love, strength and weakness.” – Korinne Tande, Goodreads

“This is a beautifully written book and a very unique experience.” – Samantha Riccio, Goodreads

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